Week 8 ~ October 23rd-27th


Art 1

  • Contour Shoes
    • Realistic
    • Life size
    • Overlapping
    • Good use of Space


  • Unit 5:  Aesthetics
    • Are memes art?

Art 2

  • Creative Patterns:  Sea Shell


Monday, September 18th

Art 1

Line Repetition:  Eye hand coordination exercise


  • abstract thinking
  • critical thinking
  • eye-hand coordination
  • fine-motor skills

Art 2

Notebook Page:  Optical Illusion

Think of a notebook page as a surface, that can stretch, bend and wrap around objects. The lines on the page will also follow the form of the object.

In addition – shadows will be formed on the surface.


8.5″x11″ drawing paper, ruler, blue pen, pencil, tortillon


  1. VIDEO: is instagram good or bad for photography 2012
  2. ACTIVITY: Get on computers and go to explore photos on this site Find several photographs that you think are good. Think about what makes them good. Find several photographs that you don’t think are good. Think about what is in the photo that you don’t like.
  3. VIDEO and TAKE NOTES: Am. Photo

ASSIGNMENT – Think about what it means for a photo to be “good”. Then take 2 good photos of ANYTHING using a digital camera.



Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Exercise #2:  Paper Airplane Challenge

Learning Objectives:

  • The students will create paper airplanes that are able to fly.
  • The students will learn to work through the creative process and respond to changes when their ideas aren’t working.
  • The students will communicate ideas with each other.

Supplies:  Paper (5), Scissors

Break students into groups of two.


Students have the class period to create 2 paper airplanes. One should be as large as they can make and fly as far as possible, and the other should be as small as possible and fly as far as possible.

Near the end of class allow some time for all of the groups to test their planes against each other, to see which ones do fly the farther.


Painted Rocks



September 5th, 2017

Welcome to ART at Basalt High School!

  • Why are you taking this class?
  • What would the world be like with art?

“The shared experience of absurdity”

Building Paper Towers:  Exercise #1 

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn how to work together and communicate as a team
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the terms, free standing, sculpture in the round, and negative space.
  • Students will work through the creative process and experience discovery learning

~Jan. 4th-6th~ Week 16

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

AP Art History

  • Ancient Mediterranean:  Egypt, Mesopotamia (Near East), Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greek, Acropolis, Etruscan, Rome, High Roman
  • Students write any ten things they know about ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
  • Compare the geographical circumstances and resulting cultures of the two areas




Art 1
  • Color Theory and the Color Wheel
    • Using primary colors, I can create secondary and tertiary colors on the color wheel.






Week 14 ~ 11/28-12/2


Art 1

  • One Point Perspective:  Boxes in space, Names in 3D, & Bedroom

Art 2

  • Everyday Objects Painting


AP Art History

  • Unit 4 Test on South, East, Central, and Southeast Asia
  • Begin Unit 5~ Ancient Mediterranean