“24 Things” Project


This project is designed to develop your photographic eye and creativity. Think of it as a scavenger hunt, but you must interpret the words creatively instead of literally. Lighting, composition, and of course, focus are all important in this assignment.


Take only one photo that represents each of the “24 Things” in the list. You do not need to take the photos in the order on the list, but you must submit a re-ordered list for me when you turn in your project.

Here’s the list:

1. Dance                                    16. Monument

2. Soft                                       17. Communication

3. Fold                                      18. You

4. Sparkle                                  19. Water

5. Round                                    20. Light

6. Fake                                       21. Sometimes

7. After                                      22. Love

8. Copy                                      23. Man made

9. Shoes                                     24. Time

10. Friday

11. Used

12. 7 p.m.

13. Falling

14. Out of control

15. Out of place

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